Solutions & services customized to the requirements of the institutions enabling flow of information from management, professors, teachers to students, parents & guardians from announcements, attendance, fee receipts, results, progress analysis amongst many others in an advanced multi device enabled website cum app solutions that will reduce the burden of enquiries & tracking. Our detailed prototyping, successful deployment & indepth improvement analysis has resulted with cost reduction across multitude of institutions while bridging the gap between the management, students & parents in one


Manage all the entities of a retail chain or outlet with our comprehensive management solutions omnipresent to glance at or modify parameters like prices or any data & features in the push of a button on site or from anywhere using secure cloud link platforms. Schedule & automate all the functions from inventory reporting to ordering on low stock, managing requests, optimize Point of Sale systems, manage & handle requests, payroll & other queries of employees amongst many other features. Customize & employ to run a well managed business today.

Food and Beverage

Optimize your & franchisee’s fine dining, fast food, cafe, take out & other food or beverage outlets with minimum manpower. Synchronise the order execution with kitchen display systems, online table reservations, digital menu displays, ala carte or full course smart billing, efficient delivery management. Manage the workforce with auto table assigning, order prioritiser, auto ingredients stocking among other function for smooth workflow & maximum profits

Brand Management

Launch your Brand the most effective way, reaching the right audience & carve a niche for yourself to make a lasting presence by our comprehensive analysis & executing right strategies. We help your current brand be rediscovered using highly compelling content & all forms of media from onsite marketing to digital presence using one of a kind brand involvement activities. Thereby create & enhance your brand value, improve positioning to boost sales

Mobile apps Portfolio Managemente

Empower your app & services to be discovered, engaged & thereby monetize it employing our wide array of highly acclaimed Publishers network who ensure the right placement & campaigns to achieve maximum user penetration. Build users loyalty to increase engagement & widespread adoption by running highly customised campaign strategies

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